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Margaret Carter

A detailed description of techniques for researching the history of houses & buildings, using a wide variety of archival sources.

  • Published by Environment Canada, Ottawa, 1987
  • Paperback, 38 pages, 165 X 260mm
  • ISBN 0 662 12306 9

A New Life For An Old House

Harris Mitchell, Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation, 1982

Architectural Conservation Technology

Minister of Supply & Services Canada, Ottawa , 1994

Conserving Buildings, A Guide To Techniques & Materials

Martin E. Weaver, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., NY, 1993

Fire Insurance Plans in the National Map Collection

Public Archives of Canada, Ottawa 1979

Heritage Fights Back

Marc Denhez, Fitzhenry & Whiteside, Toronto, 1978

Maintenance Guidelines For Heritage Buildings

Stuart Stark & Associates, Heritage Branch, Ministry of Small Business, Tourism & Culture, 1996

Renovating Your House

James McGregor & Richard Morrison, Le Conseil de Developpment du Longement Communautaire/Heritage Canada, 1977

Reviving Main Street

Derek Holdsworth (ed.), University of Toronto Press, Toronto, 1985

Researching Heritage Buildings

Margaret Carter, Environment Canada, Ottawa, 1987

The Buildings of Canada

B.A. Humphreys & M. Sykes, Reader's Digest, Montreal, 1980

The Evaluation of Historic Buildings

Environment Canada, Ottawa, 1980

The Palladian Style in Canadian Architecture

Nathalie Clerk, Parks Canada, 1983

The Sensible Rehabilitation Of Older Houses

Harold Kalman, Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation, 1979

Well Preserved: The Ontario Heritage Foundation's Manual Of Principles & Practice For Architectural Conservation

Mark Fram, Boston Mills Press, Erin, 1988

Without Our Past?

Ann Faulkner, University of Toronto Press, Ministry of Supply & Services, Toronto, 1977

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